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Mechanical Control

We specialize in shredding aquatic vegetation. We are capable of handling the heaviest of material including heavy floating mud mats as well as trees that tend to grow in aquatic habitats. This material is shredded which then allows it to decompose. It is a common misconception that we are sinking the material out placing it on the bottom which is not true. While it is true that some of the material that is shredded may end up on the bottom, the largest portion is allowed to decompose reducing the amount of organic material in the water body.  Where as leaving it to grow is constantly producing litter that tends to settle on the bottom, so shredding the material and stopping the growing process surely reduces the overall organic build up.

Chemical Control

Although we believe large scale clean ups are safer and better suited to be done with mechanical means we do offer herbicide services as well to maintain your desired aquatic situation. Some vegetation is lighter, submerged, doesn't respond well to shredding, or just more cost effective to handle with herbicides and getting on a maintenance schedule to control any new growth is definitely a good idea. Some of these contracts target certain types of vegetation or just the shore line and what new growth arises from there; while others cover entire areas that need treating. We do these for individual home owner's, plantations, HOA's, government agencies or anyone needing this service.  Call or email for an assessment of your sitaution, and allow us to help you get the results you desire the most cost effective way possible.

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