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CLR Aquatics Inc.: Your Community Partner

CLR Aquatics Inc. is a private and public service provider. We support community development through private and public partnerships. We envision waterways where we have the access to enjoy them, where fish camps and boat ramps are able to provide services and make a living while doing so. We envision water control structures being maintained properly and not being overgrown with nuisance vegetation that cause hazards by interfering with the operation of these structures. 


We offer a very specialized and professional service that targets nuisance weeds in American and even foreign waterways and hope to be of service to you.


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Our community partners include:

  • F.W.C Florida Wildlife Commission 
  • D.E.P Department of Environmental Protection


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Contact us at 352-816-4198, or send us an e-mail.


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CLR Aquatics Inc

855 W Highway 318 
Citra, FL 32113

Phone: CJ           352-816-4198


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Available to operate twenty-four hours a day seven days a week depending upon your individual needs and requirements.

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C.J. Catterton       352-816-4198



We are available for private hire or government agencies.

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